Other Quaker Groups

Quaker Spirit sees Meeting for Worship as the place for recharging spiritual batteries such that one may travel in the ministry and bring Quakerism, as personified by our testimonies, to the world.

Quaker Spirit acknowledges the inadequacies, cruelties and tragedies besetting our planet as they have for millennia, but believes they are best addressed by exporting Quakerism to the sources of these malevolencies rather than importing them to a place set aside for stillness, for worship and for communion with the Spirit which is the manifestation of God.

Further sustenance of the Spirit within is fostered by several Quakers within Britain Yearly Meeting and beyond and these are listed, with links to synopsis and contact details below.

Friends Fellowship of Healing

The FFH is one of the largest single interest groups within the Religious Society of Friends in Britain, with a membership of around 500 including some overseas members.. It attracts a great deal of interst and support, in particular at Yearly Meeting where it offers a healing and counselling service.

Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies

QFAS aims to explore evidence for survival of death, to provide a forum for discussion on this and related subjects, and to learn from and support those with psychic gifts and experiences. It aims to do this within the Quaker movement and in society in general by liaising with other groups with like aims.

The Kindlers

The Kindlers are an experimental group working to rekindle the power of Quaker worship by renewing and deepening our spiritual practices. Workshops are held on-the-road at local meetings throughout Britain Yearly Meeting, and in 2018, there is also a series in Bournemouth, and in the north at York (Friargate) Meeting House. Outcomes of the work are published in accessible booklets for personal use and study groups. Information about the Bournemouth and York series can be found on the Other Kindler Events page.

Quaker Universalist Group

The Quaker Universalist Group aims to provide a forum where we can explore and learn more about our own and other people’s spiritual awareness, with openness, tolerance and compassion. We seek to uphold and encourage one another in our Universalist approach to the spiritual life, including supporting those Quakers who may feel isolated in their Meetings because of their views on spiritual matters.

Experiment with Light Network

Experiment with Light is a Quaker practice which is based on early Friends' discoveries. It had two motives for wanting to discover what was really behind the profound changes in early Friends’ lives. What was it that made them so sure, so centred, so willing to suffer such privations to keep alive their faith? How did they bear the persecution and pain – their own and their families' and Friends' - and how was it that what they had found was worth dying for? What was the Light within early Friends consciences? (Such a contrast when we look at the Religious Society of Friends in Britain today.)
This Light can be separated into four main steps with an invitation first to BE STILL

1  Mind the Light
2  Open your heart to the truth
3  Wait in the Light
4  Submit

Quaker Quest

Quaker Quest aims to help you find out about the Quaker way of life. It has found that people enquiring about them want to experience Quaker worship, hear why being a Quaker matters and talk to each other and them about it and get an idea what sort of people they are.

Quaker Arts NetworkAims of the Quaker Arts Network

Aims of the Quaker Arts Network:

To provide a forum for Quakers to share insights about how the creative arts feeds into their spiritual well being.
To develop a community of Friends interested in the arts.
To encourage and support the use of arts for Quaker outreach and spiritual growth.
To explore the expression of Quakerism through the arts.
To celebrate, publicise and document the diverse work of Quaker artists, for instance by providing a website with links to the websites of Quaker artists