Sitting in Silence Alex Thomson

Sitting in silence
Is being with God.
When you let go of all ideas
Of who you are, what you should be doing,
The past and the future.
Just being here,
Realising your deepest self,
Your true identity,
Watching and listening.
Then you are open
To receiving your divine guidance,
To love, to be love,
To heal.
Sitting in the midst of God’s Presence,
You are home,
At peace, and renewed.
Prepared for a world
Where most people are lost,
Not themselves,
Far from home,
Living in the ignorance
Of a materialistic world,
With the suffering
Caused by their beliefs.
Sitting in silence
Compassion arises,
How can I help them come home?
Love them
And light the way.

What I have found
Is that God will not fix things for you,
But God will be with you.
You need never be alone,
With the awareness of God’s Presence,
Comes the awareness of unconditional love,
That embraces and supports.
A sense that whatever happens
You are loved
And protected by this love,
Even if you were to die.
Death is only the death of this body,
And you are more than that.
You are an intrinsic part of the whole,
And the whole never dies,
It changes form
Within that which is eternal.