Moving Towards Wholeness

James Sale, world renown  author, poet and management motivator has reviewed the publication by Friends Fellowship of Healing:

Moving Towards Wholeness: A Personal Workbook for your healing journey plus a personal journal for your note taking.

Authors : Stephen Feltham and Peter Wilson, FFH, 2018

All Quakers and Healers I feel will be delighted by this small double booklet, Moving Towards Wholeness, and its accompanying Journal. First, it is a wonderfully produced set that is a joy to hold, to have and to dip into; it has been lovingly organised; and it is full of lovely surprises, thoughtful insights, and interesting asides. It’s not every day that you can read a healing book that quotes Harry Potter alongside Quaker Faith and Practice; but here you have it!

It is an odd book in that it is not really meant to be read, at least not in one sitting. Yes, there is plenty of intellectual content in it, but the focus is more on practicality, on developing spirituality in a down-to-earth, useful kind of way. To shift metaphors, this is a book(s) to sip like a strong whisky or a fine wine; it is not for guzzling down the contents.

What, then, have we here? The purpose of the book is to take you the reader through a series of steps (20 in total) through a series of exercises, often questions and reflections, which enable you to think through – feel through – your own spiritual reality, and to achieve a spiritual healing by coming to terms and acceptance of your own being and reality alongside that of the greater, transcendent spirit. Nothing is doctrinaire about the process; there is a leading. Indeed, the text itself derives from a workshop that the authors held at Sidmouth Quaker Friends in November 2017. Just from reading the material, I have to say I am sure it must have been a wonderful event, and I am equally sure that the participants would have wanted more, since a day scarcely seems sufficient to cover all the materials and spiritual avenues they explore.

Together with the directed questions there are all sorts of marvellous extras – some of Peter Wilson’s prayers for example; or the generous use that Steve Feltham makes, alluding to the uses of the imagination in art, music and poetry. And the Appendix 1 at the back of the book, containing some supplementary materials from Quaker writings, especially from George Fox himself, is nothing short of awesome. I love the passage, for example, that begins: “He is the living God that clothes the earth with grass and herbs, and causes the trees to grow …” The whole paragraph builds into a stupendous paean of praise to God. Sublime.

So, if you want to have a practical book that will enable you to develop your own spiritual healing, that doesn’t offend your core beliefs, that provides clear and illuminating steps which you can take in your own time, I would strongly recommend this one. This is a great piece of work from Steve Feltham and Peter Wilson and they are to be commended for it.

James Sale


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