About Quaker Spirit

Quaker Spirit is an initiative with a concern to encourage and promote focus on the spiritual and mystical traditions within Quakerism.

Whilst Quaker Faith and Practice exhorts us to be wary of great busyness the compassion, conscience and compelling nature of our testimonies contrive to ensure that there is much to occupy the hearts, minds and bodies of Quakers today.

During our gatherings, by embracing the spirit, in whatever manner is appropriate to your interest, there may be a joyous and uplifting experience. It should be a happy and carefree time and should provide opportunity to move towards enlightenment and to share your particular spiritual insights and pathways with those on a similar spiritual journey.

It is observed that the Religious Society of Friends has many campaigns and action groups for worthy causes for which there is often a loud, clear and vigorous social voice. But we are also blessed with many groups whose sole purpose is to embrace the spiritual. Whilst the two are not mutually exclusive it is inevitable that the tangible nature of many social causes will have a more immediate call upon the attentions of Friends than the appeal of the ethereal and mystical ethos that was at the historical heart of our Society.

 Quaker Spirit is an initiative to gather Friends with the sole purpose of experiencing the spiritual and mystical ethos of Quakerism.

Quaker Spirit sees Meeting for Worship as the place for recharging spiritual batteries such that one may travel in the ministry and bring Quakerism, as personified by our testimonies, to the world. Quaker Spirit acknowledges the inadequacies, cruelties and tragedies besetting our planet as they have for millennia, but believes they are best addressed by exporting Quakerism to the sources of these malevolencies rather than importing these issues to a place set aside for stillness, for worship and for communion with the Spirit which is the manifestation of God.  We are rooted in the Divine.

Diversity has been embraced by Quakers but our similarities and common spiritual values are what binds and sustains us and what charges our inner batteries. Our spiritual focus provides an exciting opportunity of experiencing and sharing the happiness and fulfilment with spiritual Quakers on similar paths.

When we feel compelled to let our lives speak let it be so in outreach for it is via the firm inward connectedness with the Divine that our spirituality can powerfully radiate to a needy planet. Bringing the woes of the world into our meetings for worship presents a risk of squeezing out the Spirit.

Quakers are advocates of the Peace testimony (for it is shared by many faith groups and not just those of a Christian leaning), but in a busy life of waging Peace not war we must all be careful to ensure that whatever we are waging, with however much sincerity and convincement of purpose, that collateral damage to our spiritual being is not a regrettable consequence.