Quaker Spirit

The majesty of the Divine

Quaker Spirit

Excluding all thought but the Divine

Quaker Spirit

Humility before the Divine

Quaker Spirit

In awe of the Divine

Quaker Spirit

The Divine in all things

Quaker Spirit

The Divine touches all

What is
Quaker Spirit

Quaker Spirit is a fundamental focus.

Quaker Spirit is about maintaining our link to the Divine in spite of all of the pressing concerns and worries of the Earthly.

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The Generator, Organiser
and Determiner

The Generator, Organiser and Determiner of all things

The Generator, Organiser and Determiner of all things

Your perception and term for the Divine is unique and special to you. Some may share your perceptions and your words but they are yours and cannot be taken away from you.  

A clarification

Quaker Spirit is for all

Quaker Spirit has identified several Quaker groups with a mainly spiritual  focus and have mentioned them in this web site. This does not mean that anyone not in a group is excluded. ALL are welcome. We want to develop our spirituality and avoid great busyness. Therefore, we hope you can make it to Swarthmoor hall in September 2019.

There are many
Quaker spiritual groups

Spirituality is at the root of Quakerism.

Our logo shows a shoot sprouting from the earth. Likewise Quaker Spirit is firmly rooted and as such is rooted in the Divine.
There are many Quaker groups nurturing their spiritual essence and more can be learned about them here.

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& Query

Advice & Query No 28

Every stage of our lives offers fresh opportunities. Responding to divine guidance, try to discern the right time to undertake or relinquish responsibilities without undue pride or guilt. Attend to what love requires of you, which may not be great busyness. 

Has there been a Personality change?

Have Quakers become so activist they are now a militant force?

Is militant activism and the encouragement of disruptive and so called 'peaceable' protest the new persona of Quakers in Britain and should they be better seen as the face of a "Neo-Quakerism" rather than a continuation of three and a half centuries of dignified but effective change for good?
Read more in the download "The March and Rise of Neo-Quakerism".

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The Ministry
of the Moment

Ministries offered by visitors to our web site

Our latest ministry responds to some of the language that Quakers nationally have been prone to use of late. Is there a case for more awareness of the use of Non-violent Communication?

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Your ministry
is invited

Feel free

You have precious thoughts and oftentimes these may and should be shared with others. Please feel free to share your ministry with us via our contact page. Click "Read more"

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The Healing

The Healing Help Line

The HHL arises from the need to express and receive the divine grace of healing, This web-site is non-commercial and has one simple purpose: to enable Distance Healing. When you join the HEALING CIRCLE you are, along with others in the circle, expressing love and compassion to all of humankind.   Find out more 

There is no such thing
as a peaceful protest

There is no such thing as a peaceful protest

The disruption and costs of managing public protest (Loved so much by so many Quakers), undermines their claim to be a peaceful society.

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Healing Convoy

How a simple drive

turns into a healing realisation

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Inspiring New

The Friends Fellowship of Healing have just published a great little workbook

"Moving Towards Wholeness" is a 20 step workbook to accompany the spiritual traveller with their spiritual journeying.

More interesting and compelling reading at the FFH website but read the James Sale review first.

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Losing God?
Losing Quakers!

Losing God, Losing Quakers highlights a small example of the way reference to God is being very much reduced by publications emanating from Friends House.

It is questioned if there is a corollary between the do-theism of Quakers and the reduction of members. One must also consider the probability that far fewer members resign than just fade away.
Read more in Losing God, losing Quakers in our Download page.

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All you need
is love

All you need is love
Peter Wilson

Poole Local Quaker Meeting